Tao Xie
Ph.D. U. Washington  2005
M.S.  U. Washington  2002
M.S.  Peking U.          2000
B.S.   Fudan U.           1997

Tao Xie
              Hsieh /shear/

Associate Professor and Willett Faculty Scholar
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
4237 Siebel Center
201 N. Goodwin Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801, USA
Phone: 217-244-5931
Faculty Assistant: Dana Garard (4301 SC)

A Member of the Programming Languages, Formal Methods, and Software Engineering (PL-FM-SE) area at Illinois CS, along with Illinois Information Trust Institute, Illinois Informatics Institute, and ZJU-UIUC Institute

Request his talks through  ACM Distinguished Speaker Program (DSP)!

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High-Impact Collaborations

Code Hunt
Pex for Fun
MSR Pex 
Software Analytics
        04/17: VLDB 2017 Industry
        01/17: ICSE 2017 SEIP * 2
        07/16: FSE 2016 Industry * 2
        07/16: MSR Outstanding Collaborators Award
        05/16: FSE 2016 (27%)
        02/16: Serve on TSE Editorial Board
        01/16: ICSE 2016 SEET (40%)
ICSE 2016 (19%)
        11/15: Selected as ACM Distinguished Scientist
09/15: TSE 2015 
        09/15: TMC 2015
07/15: IMC 2015 (26%)
04/15: USENIX ATC 2015 (16%)
03/15: Chosen as a Willett Scholar
01/15: ICSE 2015 JSEET (28%)
01/15: WWW 2015 (14%) 
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Impact Highlights
Research interests (publications, Google scholar citations)

Software Engineering: Software Testing, Debugging, and Analysis, Software Analytics (Text Analytics for SE, Code Mining, Trace Mining), Software Security, Software Engineering for Mobile/Internet Computing, and Educational Software Engineering, with recent themes as

Research communities and resources

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