Tools and Tips for Writing Papers


          WinEdt specific: (from LaTeX FAQs)
            If you use WinEdt's default settings and run PDFLaTeX or PS2PDF on a A4 sized LaTeX document, the resulting PDF file might have page size Letter (8.5 x 11 inch). To fix this do the following:
         Some fonts such as ArialMT are not embeded in the generated PDF 

         WinEdit 6.0 Version Specific:
Please see here for more tips.
              WinEdit 5.5 Version Specific:                 WinEdit Past Version Specific:

        It is possible however to tell PS2PDF to embed the fonts: (copied from here)

        From now on PS2PDF will embed all fonts.

          WinEdt Specific:

                    If you want to output your proposal title and "D. Project Description" in the beginning of your proposal, you can use the following steps:

Go to the “Tools -> Options” menu
Select the “Downloads” tab
Open “View and Edit Actions…”
Enter “pdf” in the “Search” box
Select “Change Action…”
Change the selection from “Use this Plugin” to “Open them with the default application”, which should point to Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Acrobat Reader, or your favorite PDF viewer

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