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Selected Publications in Major Conferences

15 ICSE papers (+4 SEIP Papers + 3 Education Papers), 15 ESEC/FSE papers (+ 7 Industry Papers), 8 ISSTA papers, 1 PLDI paper, 3 OOPSLA papers, 3 ECOOP papers, 18 ASE papers, 2 VL/HCC papers

1 SIGMETRICS paper, 1 IJCAI paper, 4 WWW papers, 1 CCS, 3 USENIX Security, 1 ASPLOS paper, 3 DSN papers, 1 USENIX ATC paper, 2 EMNLP paper

ICSE (15)

[ICSE 2022] Automated Assertion Generation via Information Retrieval and Its Integration with Deep Learning
[ICSE 2022] Preempting Flaky Tests via Non-Idempotent-Outcome Tests
[ICSE 2018] EnMobile: Entity-based Characterization and Analysis of Mobile Malware
[ICSE 2016PRADA: Prioritizing Android Devices for Apps by Mining Large-Scale Usage Data
[ICSE 2015] AppContext: Differentiating Malicious and Benign Mobile App Behavior Under Contexts
[ICSE 2012] Inferring Method Specifications from Natural Language API Descriptions
[ICSE 2012] Performance Debugging in the Large via Mining Millions of Stack Traces
[ICSE 2011] Precise Identification of Problems for Structural Test Generation
[ICSE 2010] Mining API Mapping for Language Migration
[ICSE 2010] Is Operator-Based Mutant Selection Superior to Random Mutant Selection?
[ICSE 2009] Mining Exception-Handling Rules as Conditional Association Rules
[ICSE 2009] Locating Need-to-Translate Constant Strings for Software Internationalization
[ICSE 2008] An Approach to Detecting Duplicate Bug Reports using Natural Language and Execution Information
[ICSE 2007]
Automated Inference of Pointcuts in Aspect-Oriented Refactoring
[ICSE 2005] Helping Users Avoid Bugs in GUI Applications

ICSE Software Engineering in Practice (SEIP) Track (4)

[ICSE 2017 SEIPAutomated Test Input Generation for Android: Towards Getting There in an Industrial Case
[ICSE 2017 SEIPTransferring Code-Clone Detection and Analysis to Practice
[ICSE 2014 SEIP] Where Do Developers Log? An Empirical Study on Logging Practices in Industry
[ICSE 2013 SEIP] A Characteristic Study on Failures of Production Distributed Data-Parallel Programs IEEE Software Best Software Engineering in Practice (SEIP) Paper Award

ICSE Education Track (3)

[ICSE 2016 SEETMeasuring Code Behavioral Similarity for Programming and Software Engineering Education
[ICSE 2015 JSEET] Code Hunt: Experience with Coding Contests at Scale
[ICSE 2013 SEE] Teaching and Learning Programming and Software Engineering via Interactive Gaming


[ESEC/FSE 2021] Vet: Identifying and Avoiding UI Exploration Tarpits ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award
[ESEC/FSE 2020] Detecting Numerical Bugs in Neural Network Architectures ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award
[ESEC/FSE 2020] A Comprehensive Study on Challenges in Deploying Deep Learning Based Software
[ESEC/FSE 2019] REINAM: Reinforcement Learning for Input-Grammar Inference
[ESEC/FSE 2019] iFixFlakies: A Framework for Automatically Fixing Order-dependent Flaky Tests
[ESEC/FSE 2019] Latent Error Prediction and Fault Localization for Microservice Applications by Learning from System Trace Logs
[FSE 2016] Relationship-Aware Code Search for JavaScript Frameworks
[ESEC/FSE 2013] Inferring Project-Specific Bug Patterns for Detecting Sibling Bugs
[FSE 2012] Automated Extraction of Security Policies from Natural-Language Software Documents
[FSE 2012] How Do Software Engineers Understand Code Changes? An Exploratory Study in Industry
[FSE 2012] Automating Presentation Changes in Dynamic Web Applications via Collaborative Hybrid Analysis
[ESEC/FSE 2011] Testing Software In Age Of Data Privacy: A Balancing Act
[FSE 2010]           Locating Need-to-Translate Constant Strings in Web Applications 
[ESEC/FSE 2009] MSeqGen: Object-Oriented Unit-Test Generation via Mining Source Code
[ESEC/FSE 2007] Mining API Patterns as Partial Orders from Source Code: From Usage Scenarios to Specifications 

FSE Industry Track

[ESEC/FSE 2020 Industry] Graph-based Trace Analysis for Microservice Architecture Understanding and Problem Diagnosis
[ESEC/FSE 2020 Industry] Clustering Test Steps in Natural Language Toward Automating Test Automation
[ESEC/FSE 2019 Industry] FinExpert: Domain-specific Test Generation for FinTech Systems
[ESEC/FSE 2018 Industry] FACTS: Automated Black-box Testing of FinTech Systems
[ESEC/FSE 2017 IndustryRecord and Replay for Android: Are We There Yet in Industrial Cases?
[ESEC/FSE 2017 Industry] When Program Analysis Meets Mobile Security: An Industrial Study of Misusing Android Internet Sockets
[FSE 2016 Industry] Automated Test Input Generation for Android: Are We Really There Yet in an Industrial Case?
[FSE 2016 Industry] Learning for Test Prioritization: An Industrial Case Study


[ISSTA 2021] An Infrastructure Approach to Improving Effectiveness of Android UI Testing Tools
ISSTA 2021] Understanding and Finding System Setting-related Defects in Android Apps
[ISSTA 2020] Dependent-Test-Aware Regression Testing Techniques
[ISSTA 2017PerfRanker: Prioritization of Performance Regression Tests for Collection-Intensive Software
[ISSTA 2013] Context-Sensitive Delta Inference for Identifying Workload-Dependent Performance Bottlenecks
[ISSTA 2011] eXpress: Guided Path Exploration for Efficient Regression Test Generation
[ISSTA 2010] OCAT: Object Capture-based Automated Testing
[ISSTA 2009] Time-Aware Test-Case Prioritization using Integer Linear Programming

PLDI (1)

[PLDI 2019] Learning Stateful Preconditions Modulo a Test Generator


[OOPSLA 2021] Synthesizing Contracts Correct Modulo a Test Generator
[OOPSLA 2020] A Large-Scale Longitudinal Study of Flaky Tests
[OOPSLA 2011] Synthesizing Method Sequences for High-Coverage Testing 


[ECOOP 2018] A Characteristic Study of Parameterized Unit Tests in .NET Open Source Projects
[ECOOP 2009] MAPO: Mining and Recommending API Usage Patterns
[ECOOP 2006] Augmenting Automatically Generated Unit-Test Suites with Regression Oracle Checking

ASE (18)

[ASE 2021] Targeting Requirements Violations of Autonomous Driving Systems by Dynamic Evolutionary Search
[ASE 2021] Groot: An Event-graph-based Approach for Root Cause Analysis in Industrial Settings
[ASE 2019] Root Cause Localization for Unreproducible Builds via Causality Analysis over System Call Tracing
[ASE 2018 EP] An Empirical Study of Android Test Generation Tools in Industrial Cases
[ASE 2014 EP] Transferring an Automated Test Generation Tool to Practice: From Pex to Fakes and Code Digger
[ASE 2013] Characteristic Studies of Loop Problems for Structural Test Generation via Symbolic Execution
[ASE 2013 EP] Software Analytics for Incident Management of Online Services: An Experience Report
[ASE 2011] Generating Program Inputs for Database Application Testing
[ASE 2011] Iterative Mining of Resource-Releasing Specifications
[ASE 2010] Automatic Construction of an Effective Training Set for Prioritizing Static Analysis Warnings
[ASE 2009] Inferring Resource Specifications from Natural Language API Documentation Best Paper Award and ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award
[ASE 2009] Alattin: Mining Alternative Patterns for Detecting Neglected Conditions
[ASE 2008] SpotWeb: Detecting Framework Hotspots and Coldspots via Mining Open Source Code on the Web
[ASE 2008] Improving Structural Testing of Object-Oriented Programs via Integrating Evolutionary Testing and Symbolic Execution
[ASE 2007] PARSEWeb: A Programmer Assistant for Reusing Open Source Code on the Web  ASE 2021 Most Influential Paper Award 
[ASE 2006] An Empirical Comparison of Automated Generation and Classification Techniques for Object-Oriented Unit Testing
[ASE 2004] Rostra: A Framework for Detecting Redundant Object-Oriented Unit Tests
[ASE 2003] Tool-Assisted Unit Test Selection Based on Operational Violations

VL/HCC (2)

[VL/HCC 2018] A Large-Scale Empirical Study on Android Runtime Permission Rationale Messages
[VL/HCC 2013] A Comprehensive Field Study of End-User Programming on Mobile Devices


[SIGMETRICS 2008] XEngine: A Fast and Scalable XACML Policy Evaluation Engine


[IJCAI 2019] Robustra: Training Provable Robust Neural Networks over Reference Adversarial Space

WWW (4)

[WWW 2018] Aladdin: Automating Release of Deep-Link API on Android
[WWW 2015] Measurement and Analysis of Mobile Web Cache Performance
[WWW 2013] Inferring Dependency Constraints on Parameters for Web Services
[WWW 2007] A Fault Model and Mutation Testing of Access Control Policies

CCS (1)

[CCS 2021] TSS: Transformation-Specific Smoothing for Robustness Certification

USENIX Security (3)

[USENIX Security 2019] PolicyLint: Investigating Internal Privacy Policy Contradictions on Google Play
[USENIX Security 2013] WHYPER: Towards Automating Risk Assessment of Mobile Applications
[USENIX Security 2013] MetaSymploit: Day-One Defense Against Script-based Attacks with Security-Enhanced Symbolic Analysis


[ASPLOS 2014] Comprehending Performance from Real-World Execution Traces: A Device-Driver Case

DSN (3)

[DSN 2018] PreInfer: Automatic Inference of Preconditions via Symbolic Analysis
DSN 2014] Mining Historical Issue Repositories to Heal Large-Scale Online Service Systems
DSN 2009] Fitness-Guided PathExploration in Dynamic Symbolic Execution


[USENIX ATC 2015] Log2: A Cost-Aware Logging Mechanism for Performance Diagnosis


[EMNLP 2020] Benchmarking Meaning Representations in Neural Semantic Parsing
EMNLP 2018] SemRegex: A Semantics-Based Approach for Generating Regular Expressions from Natural Language Specifications

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