Advice on Getting a Start into Research

by Tao Xie 
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There are many ways of proceeding, depending on how much you have already read and done. Here are some general suggestions.

Guidelines on finding a research topic:

  1. If you don't have specific ideas of your interests (but you are interested in pursuing research in software engineering), talk to me and I will give you an overview of different directions in software engineering/testing and the directions that I am most interested in. I will give you freedom on choosing the directions that interest you most for pursuit (in other words, I won't pick a direction or problem for you). Here is a list of research directions in software engineering (but it is a bit out of dated).
  2. If you already have some idea of your interests (or even don't have an idea of a specific research direction but have some idea of your big research direction/topic),  

After you have already decided your research topic (after discussing with me), you can do the following along the way of pursuing that topic:

    Other readings: